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Lascar Electronics

Innovation in Electronics

A global electronics company founded in 1976 with offices in the United Kingdom, the United States and the Far East.

Engineers, scientists, healthcare professionals and innovators from thousands of organisations worldwide rely on Lascar's wide ranging products and services.

  • Display technology
  • Data logging
  • Power Supplies
  • Cloud and IoT
  • Design & Manufacturing Services


Creative Technology

Founded in 1977 to offer specialist design and manufacture of Thick Film Hybrid microcircuits, Corintech has grown into a leading provider of electronic design and manufacturing services.  With facilities in the UK and the Far East, Corintech provides its products and services to customers in a wide array of sectors, worldwide.

  • Component sourcing and kitting
  • Automated PCB assembly (SMT and conventional)
  • Box-build
  • Thick Film Hybrids
  • Wire bonding
  • Laser trimming
  • Automated coating and encapsulation
  • From prototypes to 500,000+ pieces
  • Wide-ranging electronic design services


Your Data, anytime, anywhere

EasyLog developed its first data loggers over 25 years ago, and have been at the forefront of data logging products and services ever since.  As the originator of the first USB-connected data logging product, the EasyLog brand is known and trusted worldwide.

  • USB data loggers
  • Wi-Fi data loggers
  • Bluetooth data loggers
  • Data logging cloud services


Enabling the Wireless Workplace

With over a decade of expertise in wireless product engineering and cloud-based applications, the FilesThruTheAir team have been key to the development of the Larasian group's various data logging products and services.  More recently, FilesThruTheAir has sought to diversify the group's product portfolio, developing a range of low-cost, Wi-Fi-connected sensors that provide users with a simple email-delivered alert when a parameter being measured reaches a user-selected limit. This range now includes five Wireless Alert devices, sold directly under the FilesThruTheAir brand.  A number of new products are currently in development including Wireless Alert devices with new measurement parameters, a range of market-leading Wireless Probes, and Wireless Control devices.

Panel Pilot

Displaying New Thinking

PanelPilot is rooted in Lascar Electronics' long history as a leading supplier of panel-mount displays and meters.  The PanelPilot range offers off the shelf hardware and intuitive design software for rapid development of industrial display and panel applications. Without writing a single line of code.

  • Displays from 2.1" e-paper to 7" TFT with capacitive touch
  • Intuitive design software for rapid application development
  • Wide range of accessories to enable various measurement parameters and a wide variety of communication protocols
  • Extensive library of example applications

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